Judaism: On Suffering and Evil

No one here can say that this world is a world of things that we can recognize as good. We look around and see suffering - poverty, starvation, disease, war, hatred and more.

In a world with such suffering, can gratitude be genuine? Do we not all have questions?

Judaism believes that everything the Creator does is good. It may not look like good from our perspective, but we trust that, in a two world picture, what happens here is ultimately according to a Divine plan that is good.

How can that be?

Every person here on Earth is here to fix and mend something. Our souls have come into this world with a mission, something to accomplish, and this world is a proving ground, an earning place, for receiving eternal benefit.

This concept can be explored in Holiness - rising above our limitations as well as in these resources:
It's All a Gift
Path of the Just
Holy Woman

For Rabbi Jacobson classes in Kabbalistic topics and Chassidus, click here: Judaism: Rabbi Jacobson Website Kabbalah and Chassidus

When we acquire the learning to understand that there is only the Creator, we are able to comprehend suffering and evil and loss in a much different way. The building blocks for this understanding are faith and trust:

Faith (Emunah) and Trust (Bitachon) at Jewish People Unite

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