How to Handle the Tests of Life (Nisayons)

With all the yisurim(problems) that are out there. There is a solution. First one has to know that everything that Hashem does is 100% out of love. Hashem doesn't just do things like that. Hashem decides and plans for each one what is best for that person. Each problem that one goes through is to bring one closer to Hashem, our Father, our Creator, and Friend. It is to improve ones bitachon (trust) & emuna (faith) in Him. To believe that everything and anything that happens comes from Him, and for a reason. One must know there is no such a thing as a coincidence, if it happened it's for a reason. It is to for us to work on ourselves to become closer and closer to Hashem. We should be singing praises and blessings in thanking Hashem for all that He does. One must know that Hashem is full of chesed and rachamim (kindness and compassion) for each and every one of us. All we have to do is TRUST HIM, Hashem is telling us:


Is this easy? NO. But the more we try the more Hashem will help us reach and understand this feeling.


One must know according to Harav Avigdor Miller zt''l in his beautiful sefer called Praise My Soul, it discusses the meaning of what we daven. On page 190 in the new book #390 it says "Hashem upholds all that fall."

Everyone is actually a faller if not for the support of Hashem. Every rich man is penniless, and every healthy man is unwell, if not for the hand of Hashem that holds them up. Thus the verse states: all those in the world who have been upheld from falling: know that Hashem has been supporting you! There is no wealthy man, or honored man, or healthy or happy one; there are but men Hashem keeps wealthy, or honors, or keeps healthy or happy.

How does one reach such a level? Answer-

One has to be mispallel (pray) for it. "Please Hashem help me get close to You" "Please Hashem help me understand this and live like this. "Please Hashem help me with (add in what you are mispallel for).

Always remember: One who prays for another's need. Hashem will answer that need of his first. Artscroll Book of Psalms (Tehillim)

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