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Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller Video Clip on Ahavas Yisrael
Rebbetzin Heller Transcript of Video Clip on Ahavas Yisrael

Chabura Teleconference Calls

How to get started with words of inspiration from Rebbetzin Feige Twersky followed by discussion with Leah Greenman Chabura Telecon Dec 3 2009 with Rebbetzin Feige Twersky
Rebbetzin Twersky chizuk segment alone

Chabura News, Projects and More

Kew Garden Hills Website

For more information about what projects the chaburas are involved with:
Chabura Projects

Here are some stories reported from the chaburas regarding their efforts toward Ahavas Yisroel - see also Ahavas Yisrael success stories link below. TO LEAVE US AN ANONYMOUS SUCCESS STORY PLEASE CALL OUR VOICE MAIL BOX LINE 641 715 3900 EXT 57871# AND SHARE THE STORY.

Success Stories of Ahavas Yisroel from the chaburas
Success stories from the Chaburas

Participants in Ahavas Yisroel chaburas do personal stretches in Ahavas Yisroel, with tools such as The six constant mitzvahs

There is a teleconference given by Rebbetzin Tziporah Harris on the Six Constant Mitzvahs given by teleconference. Access the teleconference recordings here:

I want to listen to the teleconference on Six Constant Mitzvahs

Please browse some of the successes we have had - participants are encouraged to submit their personal stretch stories and you may view them or submit them here:
Ahavas Yisrael Success Stories

Download the handout to Rebbetzin Tziporah Harris's Two Week Rosh Hashana Spiritual Business Plan

Rosh Hashana Spiritual Business Plan Handout
Yom Kippur Spiritual Business Plan Handout

Clarity Class Fall 2009 Recordings - Given by Tzipora Harris

Listen to the teleconference recordings for the class on Clarity:
Clarity November 24 2009
Clarity Dec 2 2009
Clarity Dec 8 2009
Download Clarity Handouts including Jewish Wisdom on the Path to Inner Paradise, Tehillim, Acheinu, and Clarity Exercise Clarity Handout
Clarity Dec 15 2009

More Items of Interest

Listen to Rav Berkovits - pre-Selichos teleconference on How to Do Teshuva on the Mitzvah of Ben Adom L'Chaveiro Sept 12 2009 Pre-Selichos Teleconference- How to Do Teshuva on the Mitzvah of Ben Adom L'Chaveiro by Rav Yitzchak Berkovits

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