Judaism: Building Bonds and Bridges Between Jews

Every Jewish person today, whether observing Judaism or not, feels connected as a Jew in a world where anti-semitism and outright attacks on Jewish people are on the rise. Over the last decade, the numerous attacks have grown. What has spurred this website into publication is the attack in Mumbai India. Please click the About Us button and, from there, read Tragedy in Mumbai. On that page, there is support for the concept that intellectual differences aside, soul to soul, each of us is part of the Jewish People and we need to see each other from that perspective, to address each other from that perspective. We don't have to agree. We do have to understand how we are connected and thereby, in that understanding, unify ourselves.

This site is intended to build connections through Judaism - not only within our own community but to the broadest community possible, and to build bridges between all types of Jews. The purpose is toward Ahavas Yisroel, loving every Jew, especially in a world where Jews are agreeing to disagree. We can weave unity by knitting one Jew to another. Shalom in our homes, shalom in our communities, shalom in our workplace and shalom for Jewish people everywhere is the goal. The connection is that we have the same root - the Creator - Who created the Jewish People as one, like a body with many limbs and organs. When we view each other as connected through having the same root, we see what we have in common. No matter our individual differences, there is a basis for respect, which does not require us to approve - just accept and respect.

Rebbetzin Kaminetsky (the wife of the Philadelphia Rosh HaYeshiva) urges us in loving our fellow Jew. If someone upset us, we must discuss the incident with the person and work it out, so that we forgive them and if that is not possible, we must work on ourselves to forgive the person and tell the Creator we forgive the person because if not, the person will get punished for what we perceive as a transgression to us. One of the main things Rebbetzin Kaminetsky suggested we could improve on is to feel each other's pain. In addition. when we control our anger, judge someone favorably or do a kindness for someone, these are all very pleasing to the Creator and we should tell the Creator that we want the merit of that good deed to go to all the Jewish people. If we realize we can do this, it will help us do it more and more. We must develop a good eye - this will help us love every Jew.

If you are interested in the Jewish Women's Project for Ahavas Yisrael, please click on the chabura tab.

Topics for learning are: Jewish Holidays, Hebrew, Spirituality, Basic Beliefs, Peace, Intentions, Trust in the Creator, Life's Tests, Jewish humor, Jewish Dating, Jewish parenting and more. There are self-serve resources listed on each page. The topics can also serve as a means of connection, if you so choose. On each page, there is a form to complete if you have a question and wish to connect.

Please explore the resources, bookmark this page, and come back often.

Judaism: About Us
Judaism: About Us
Basic Beliefs of Judaism
Judaism: Trust in the Creator
Judaism: Jewish Spirituality
Judaism: The roots of Jewish Spirituality are in the soul and connection to the Creator
Judaism: Rising Above Human Nature
Judaism: How to Rise Above Negative Thinking and Grow Spiritually
Judaism: Tomer Devorah
Judaism: Tomer Devorah
Judaism: Peace and Shalom, Shelaimos
Judaism; Peace and Shalom
Judaism: Peace in and between Communities
Judaism: Peace In and Between Communitieis
Judaism: Prayer
Judaism: Prayer
Judaism: Prayer for Unity
Judaism, Jewish Unity, Prayer for Unity
Judaism: Project Unity Online
Judaism: Project Unity, Clarity Seminar
Judaism: The Jewish Women's Project for Ahavas Yisrael
Judaism: The Jewish Women's Project for Ahavas Yisrael
Judaism: Returnees to the Jewish Way of Life
Judaism: Returnees to the Jewish Way of LIfe
Judaism: Jewish Holidays
Judaism: Information on Jewish Holidays
Judaism: Purim
Judaism: Purim
Judaism: Hebrew - Learn the Language
Judaism: Importance of being able to read Hebrew
Judaism: Jewish Parenting
Judaism: Parenting Jewish Children
Judaism: Movies on the Aish HaTorah Site
Judaism: Short Videos on Aish HaTorah Site
Judaism; Jewish Humor
Judaism: Jewish Jokes and Funny Stories
Judaism: Jewish dating
Judaism: Jewish Dating and Shidduchim
Judaism: Music
Judaism: Jewish Music
Judaism: News and Commentaries
Judaism: News Sources and Opinions
Jewish Unity - In Depth Activities
In-depth attention to the matter of Jewish unity in the hopes of reducing baseless hatred and building Ahavas Yisroel, as a protection for Klal Yisroel.
Judaism: Recommended Learning Materials
Judaism: Recommended Learning Materials
Judaism:Stretches in Loving your Fellow Jew - Personal Growth Stories
Judaism, stories of personal spiritual growth
Judaism: God-Conscious Self-Esteem
Judaism: God-Consciousness is necessary for health self-esteem