What are the Basic Beliefs of Judaism

That is an excellent question! It requires a person to delve into materials to find out.

This is a great topic to take up with a partner, to discuss and take a closer look.

Are there absolute truths in Judaism? What are they?

These were some of the questions that I asked. I had a scientific approach toward the material. No, I was not looking for an answer from science. Rather, I borrowed from the experimentation model that scientists use when testing a hypothesis. That is, I had my idea, I looked into the material, and rising above my pre-conceived notions, I compared what I believed to what the material stated in search of growth and understanding. When the material resonated at a deeper level than I had ever considered, and after rational and emotional comprehension of the ideas, my concepts shifted.

The first book that I read that gave me the basic concept of the detailed supervision of the Creator in our lives was a book by Dr. Miriam Adahan called It is All a Gift. It's All a Gift

Many years later, I read another book that brought these same basics to light. It is the biography of Rebbetzin Chaya Sarah Kramer, who lived through Auschwitz and reached a very high spiritual level. With the basics of Judaism embedded in her from childhood, she formed herself by living within Jewish ideas and rose above her losses and pain to become someone that I admire. She and her husband became capable of giving blessings to childless couples - couples came to her husband and herself to receive her blessing and, when her husband could see that a blessing would help, they gave a blessing and the couples were able to have children. You can read about her in Holy Woman

The basics of Judaism are learning Torah, prayer, and kindness. The goal is to bring us to greater love. In the words of Hillel, "What is hateful to you do not do to another". Hillel

"Shalom" (peace) is one of the names for the Creator. Aharon, Moshe's brother, was the High Priest and he is known for his characteristic of bringing peace, of being a peace-maker. The concept of Shelaimos, of overall peace, is a cornerstone of Judaism: Shalom Page at Jewish People Unite

Our daily lives are often far from peaceful. In the course of a lifetime, a person encounters many situations that have the potential to develop character in the person. These "tests" are called Nisayons in Hebrew. Will we choose the path towards connection, love and the Divine Will? Nisayons Page at Jewish People Unite What is meant by developing character in Judaism? It means to bring out in ourselves the thirteen attributes characteristic of the Creator as described in Tomer Devorah and elsewhere. When we rise above our first reactions (our human nature) we grow step by step toward Holiness. For more on what it means to grow spiritually, please visit: Spirituality page at Jewish People Unite. Please read there about our intentions to understand how we build our character in the Divine Image. Relevant to our intentions are Six Constant Mitzvahs by Rabbi Noah Weinberg

Much can be understood by reading about Abraham, the Father of Judaism. Avraham underwent 10 tests. Avraham Aveinu Page on Jewish People Unite

Here is an example of kindness that is reminiscent of Avraham Aveinu. Kindness The Chicken Lady His discovery of monotheism and his trait of kindness are distinctive. Through Sarah, the our forefather Yitzchak (Isaac) and through Yitzchak, our forefather Yaakov (Jacob) were born. Learning about their character traits and what they brought to Judaism forms the spiritual roots of the Jewish people. Please see the section on Kabbalah for more information.

Watch a 2 minute video: What Do Jews Belief? Lori Almost Live

Here is a real world example of Judaism's response to evil Do Good

Judaism is a way of life. The basics, as stated above, are learning Torah Torah Page , praying Pray as a Jew , and acts of charity and kindness Charity Page on Jewish People Unite Kindness is a huge topic that includes our most basic product, our words. Kindness in speech means not saying derogatory things about others, in accordance with Jewish law. Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation has many resources on this topic. For details about this important set of Jewish laws: Proper Speech Page at Jewish People Unite

What goes in and out of our mouths regarding food is also a matter of great importance. There are dietary laws that determine the types of food and in what combinations they may be eaten. Kosher Food Page at Jewish People Unite

In terms of a world view, did you know that eternity in accordance with Torah is not exclusive to righteous Jewish people? According to Torah, the righteous of all nations earn eternity for following the Torah. Only Jewish people are obligated to the 613 commandments. A non-Jewish person is obligated to the Seven Noahide Laws: Seven Noahide Laws at Aish.com In today's world, with today's headlines, it is important to remember that Judaism should not be judged by the actions of individual Jews, that each person has free will and makes choices. With perhaps the biggest swindle in history coming from a member of the Jewish people, it is important to understand what Judaism has to say about honesty: Swindled! $50 Billion Scam For a deeper understanding of money and how it is to be used, and why people go wrong, Rebbetzin Heller goes into details: Money Mayhem

The Jewish people have a long history. History

Ethics of the Fathers was written after the destruction of the First Temple. It is an ethical guide. It's importance is crucial because Judaism holds that morality can only be determined by the absolute truth of the Torah. Mankind cannot be objective enough to establish absolute moral authority - mankind can choose to implement the moral authority given by the Creator. This connects to the discussion of free will: Free Will Page at Jewish People Unite

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreiss, a Holocaust survivor, offers in her book The Committed Life a way to comprehend the Jewish way of life through sharing her experiences and memories.

For a wide variety of topics delving further into the basics of Jewish spirituality, key concepts and depth theology, please visit Aish HaTorah Articles on Spirituality and Aish HaTorah Key Concepts For more on Basic Judaism, visit Aish Judaism 1 2 3 as well as www.beingjewish.com

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