Judaism: Why Learn Hebrew?

Judaism's language is Hebrew. Have you ever learned the Hebrew Aleph Bais?

Many Jewish people have not learned to read. It takes many years to acquire an ability to read and understand Hebrew. And, with an alpha bet that has different letters, it may seem daunting, even to those who have a Jewish education! Yes, even those with Jewish education struggle with fluency and comprehension.

With everything translated into other languages, a person may ask - why bother with learning Hebrew?

That is an excellent question! There are important differences between Biblical Hebrew and Modern Hebrew. What knowing a little Hebrew does for the average Jew is that it makes it easier to follow along in a prayer service, which in turn makes the experience enjoyable. Those people I know who don't know Hebrew get lost during a Hebrew prayer service and find it hard to get meaning from it.

There are solutions! Artscroll has transliterated prayer books along with translations that make it easy to understand what is being said. But what about that Aleph Bais?

There is much written on the Hebrew language and its distinctive qualities. Learning ABOUT Hebrew might be a great start, regardless of whether you care to actually learn to read Hebrew.

About the Hebrew Language

Curious to acquire some abilities in Hebrew? Here are some resources: National Jewish Outreach Program Hebrew Page
Basic Hebrew - Audio
Modern Conversational Hebrew
Speak and Understand Modern Hebrew

and, for audio and text material for beginners and up
Rosetta Stone Hebrew Level 1
Rosetta Stone Level 1, 2 and 3 Set

To see the Hebrew letters and numbers and to find out more about learning to read, take a peek at the Hebrew Aleph Bais and Numbers

Recommended materials (Amazon)
Go to Artscroll
Find out more about Project Unity

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