Shalom Bayis, Peace in the Home

A Bayis Ne'Eman, A Home Built with Trust

With all the discord in the world, with all the hatred and fighting, at the end of the day we come home, close the door, and spend time with our loved ones. Within the four walls of our homes, we are King and Queen to our children. We can establish a home based on our dearest values.

Building a home where there is peace between the family members starts with there being peace between the man and woman. The Hebrew word for man is "ish" and for a woman is "isha". The Hebrew word for fire is "aish" What does this mean? The two letters, “yud” and “heh” are shared by both words (man and woman) and make up the name of G-d. Without His name the words “ish” – man and “isha” – woman become only “aish” – fire. (Chazal)

When the man and woman show respect for each other, the Divine presence is in the home. This is the best environment in which to raise psychologically sound children, for the lessons of respect will be ingrained in them.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Here are some resources: Rabbi Reisman Shalom Bayis 6 CD set
Rabbi Wolpin: Shiduchim, Shalom Bayis and Beyond (Book)
Rabbi Frand All Time Favorites Set (Includes Shalom Bayis, Educating Children, Anger and more)

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